High Lights

stico net is a consistent speed network.  It’s not like other providers who offer Unlimited data, but set ‘soft cap’ to your speed, stico net offer you what you need at a promised high speed.

stico net is a simplified manage network. You can easily monitor its status and performance and change every device’s settings by on your smart phone with some clicks.

stico net is a commercial grade internet service offers highly secured services for your business connections. With different options, stico net protects your documents from ransom threats, stops unauthorized access by the full firewall function and send network threats alert to your cell phone.

stico net is a lightning-fast internet connection that keeps your business connected to the digital world at light speed. Our network speed is consistent and reliable.

stico net is an affordable service with multiple options to suit your needs. You can also receive bundle discount if you also use stico pay.

stico net is a smart network. In the network, its devices self-adapt to the hub and in many situations, the network is self-managed.