Poynt 5

Enabled to use WiFi, LTE or IP so you can change your connectivity as needed.

Use wherever your business takes you: from your store, to a trade show, to your customer’s location.
Customize your payment receipt with your logo and a personal message to your customers.
Print, email or text your customers their receipts.
Manage day-to-day sales, employees, gather customer data, and do much more using cloud-based dashboard.


Real Time Report
Trace your transactions and other reports in real-time.
Built to Travel
Wi-Fi and LTE-ready, Clover Flex is prepared to work on the road. It fits in the palm of your hand – making it perfect for line busting.
More Ways to Pay
Poynt 5 accepts chip and PIN, contactless credit/debit, mobile wallets (like Apple Pay®,Google Pay®, etc.), and cash.
Ready, Set, Grow
Poynt grows with you. From monitoring
sales and profit trends to controlling employee
permissions and managing employee shifts,
you can run a full POS from the same compact
device that takes your payments.
Next Work
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