Sales Code of Conduct (STICoC)

  –  It makes whom we are now.

As a leading merchant service provider, SecuTrans Bankcard Service requires that all employees follow the STICoC in order to maintain the highest level of services.

We act with honesty and integrity. Under no circumstances do we mislead or provide false information to our customers.

We do our best to disclose all information relevant to our customer before, during, and after they sign up with us.

We take customers’ questions seriously. It is our responsibility to give the correct answer and to thoroughly investigate for a correct answer to any questions raised by our customers to the best of our knowledge.

We may answer “I don’t know”, because we do not answer a question with uncertain or misleading materials.

We hold ourselves accountable to our words. We do and will do everything we’ve promised to our customers, verbal or written.

We correct any unintentional mistakes we make expediently.

We never compromise on our standards of service. We may provide discounts for our customers but we never compromise the quality of our service.

We treat every customer fairly. We offer the same standard services to all our customers, regardless of their size. We give discounts for all qualified customers, whether they ask or not.

We have simple and clear contracts. Every contract, agreement, and application signed by our customers count. All the fees, important information, and terms and conditions are clearly listed.

We keep the contract accountable. Every contract, agreement, and application signed by our customers count. If fees are increased, we will notice you in 90 days and you have the right to cancel the contract(s) without penalty.

We are open to suggestions from our customers on how we can improve our services.

Our company hotline 1-(855)-888-1234×500 is open for any complaints.


SecuTrans Bankcard Service

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